Stage 84 - The Yorkshire School of Performing Arts - Est. 1984

Don't just take our word for it! - Here's a selection of comments from present and former students of Stage 84.

Charlotte, Age 18
"I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank you, the Drama Workshop teachers and also everyone at Stage 84 for all your support and guidance over the past 5 years. Stage 84 has given me fantastic opportunities within the school itself and the industry and I have memories and friends I will never forget. I hope to use everything I have learned in my time at Stage 84 in my further acting education and career. I will always look back on my time at stage 84 with happy memories. Once again thank you for everything."
Zak, Age 18
"Last night was my last performance with Stage 84 in the amazing Les Miserables. I want to thank the brilliant cast and crew and everyone involved in creating this spectacular show (special mention to director Craig Winward and MD Jim!) Last night was the most memorable performance of my life. After being at Stage 84 for 7 years, it is time for myself and two other people very close to me to leave. I genuinely don't know where I would be in life now if I hadn't have joined Stage 84 back in 2006. I have made some amazing friends for life and memories that will stay with me forever. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my Stage 84 experience."
Freddie, Age 11
(Written by parent) "I would like say a massive thank you for giving Freddie some amazing opportunities to perform in the shows. I was a little dubious in his first role as 'Chip' but thank you for believing in him, then I wasn't sure where you were going with casting him as 'Nibs' but it was a brilliant piece of casting and my favourite, you clearly had a vision. Finally to be given the part of Gavroche was a gift in such an amazing show! He has enjoyed every single minute. I am in no doubt that had you not given him these opportunities he would now have had the confidence to audition for Michael in Billy Elliot, let alone be successful. Thank you once again."
Lucy, Age 16
"My first taste of Stage 84 was when I took part in last year's Glee Summer School. It was a fantastic experience and I met lots of friendly and interesting people. I'd had such a great time at the Summer School that I decided to join Stage 84 at the start of this year and I'm currently taking the Performing Arts class, the Drama Workshop and Speech & Drama lessons. In March I auditioned for Stage 84's show Beauty and the Beast, and I'm really happy to say that I was given the role of Belle. So far I think my best memory from Stage 84 is when I walked into the Chapel on the day the parts were posted and saw my name on the list under 'Belle'. I was so overjoyed and relieved, I almost felt I was going to faint! To top it off everyone was really supportive, which was surprising as I was so new. I knew that I would have a great time learning the part and rehearsing with the rest of the cast, and I have. It's been hard work but I've learnt a lot and had fun at the same time. Another great memory I have of Stage 84 is taking part in the National Final of the Music for Youth competition in Birmingham this year with the Performing Arts class. Apart from the excitement of taking part in the competition, it was a really good chance to get to know the other people from the Performing Arts class."
Emma, Age 28
"I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of my years at Stage 84. I was a student in the Performing Arts class for several years and gained invaluable experience in performing at fantastic venues in a wide array of styles - from playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to singing for Her Majesty The Queen at Bradford City. Alongside all the fun and laughter I also learnt alot about the hardships of the industry, was taught good working practices and discipline and set off into the industry as practically prepared as I could be. After that point, you just have to try your hardest!"
Edward, Age 11
"I like going to Stage 84 because I love drama and I enjoy the challenge of drama festivals. The quality and presentation of the productions in October are splendid. My favourite class is Drama Workshop where you can mix imagination with humour. We have wonderful supportive events such as 'The X-Factor'. The recent refurbishment made the buildings really welcoming. I'm looking forward to this year's show."
Lucy, Age 13
"Stage 84 has introduced me to many new things such as performing on the Alhambra stage and making some amazing friends. I have met many famous people thanks to Stage 84 including Jack P. Shepherd and Su Pollard. Stage 84 has always been a massive part of my life and I'm sure it will continue to be."
Thomas, Age 15
"I would just like to thank you all for the incredible opportunity I was given in 2011 at Stage 84: to play the Beast in your splendid production of Beauty and the Beast. To play such an amazing role at my young age has been truly wonderful, and I can't express enough thanks for the chance I was given when cast in the part. I have made new friends that I now regard as my closest, and developed my craft throughout the rehearsal period and production week at the Alhambra. The experience, I would say, has changed my life, for I now have decided that the career path I would like to take is performing, all due to the opportunity I was given by all of you."
Roma, Age 5
"I joined Stage 84 when I was 3 years old. I take part in the Performing Arts class where we dance, sing and learn poems. We learn dances and songs so we can perform our big, big shows at the Alhambra every year. The shows are very good and everyone loves to watch us on stage. We do a lovely Christmas show and the studio is very Christmasey! After we have a party and Santa Clause even comes and gives us a gift. In my Speech and Drama class I learn poems and mimes and then we go to festivals and perform our poems. I have won 6 first prizes and have 3 trophies in my bedroom. I have two certificates from Trinity Guildhall which I got because I got 2 Distinctions in my Initial and Grade 1 exams. I love my Group Singing class because we have so much fun singing around the piano and soon we will sing to an audience. My favourite thing so far at Stage 84 is filming my DFS adverts and at the minute we are on location in a hotel in Manchester. I am playing the part of Leoni in Sky Atlantic's Hit and Miss, it's so exciting!"
Helena, Age 18
"I cannot thank you enough for the years I have spent being able to call Stage 84 my second home! I’d hate to think what kind of quivering, under-confident wreck I would have been if I hadn’t grown up here. Stage 84 has given me my skills and confidence that have allowed me to believe I can do what I want in life - if I put in the hard work. I’ve had such good fun, and met the most amazing people. Stage 84 is a place of such quality and inspiration. There’s never been a time I haven’t told someone I am a student of Stage 84 without feeling a sense of pride."
William, Age 8
"I really like Stage 84 because when we are dancing we are acting at the same time. My best memory of Stage 84 was when I sang in the talent contest, I enjoyed every last bit. My most enjoyable show with Stage 84 was Footloose. I liked it because there was a lot of funky dancing involved."
Katie, Age 21
"Stage 84 proved to be a great establishment for me, and continues in excellence for anyone interested and wanting to pursue all aspects of performing arts. Whilst I was there I had the opportunity to perform once a year on the Alhambra stage, enabling me to grow in confidence and experience of the theatre. I received fantastic dance training from the head choreographer and was given advice that has proved hugely beneficial. Valerie Jackson gave me the opportunity to secure my first acting job as a main character in the television series "Waterloo Road" amongst other parts in one-off TV dramas, series episodes and radio dramas. As well as the chance to audition, I was able to meet various acclaimed casting directors. I'll never forget my times with Stage 84 and would recommend it to any young person wanting to pursue a career in acting, singing or dancing."
James, Age 17
"Though my time at Stage 84 hasn't been long I already have fond memories of my time there. I currently attend Performing Arts and Drama Workshop classes. I remember my first night at Stage 84 and being so nervous and not sure what to expect, though I was surprised how nice and friendly everyone was and I quickly settled in. One of my favourite memories is being given the role of 'Gaston' in the show Beauty and the Beast. It was such a shock since I had been at the school barely a month and I had a principal role, I didn't believe it for a while, but the staff assured me that I was given that role justly. My expectations of the staff are completely different to what I thought they would be like, I imagined that they would be very stern and waiting for me to mess up, but they are really encouraging and are always wanting to push me to be better, but I don't feel I was pushed into depths I couldn't handle. Probably my favourite memory I will take from Stage 84 is the friends I have made. Even though I haven't been here long I feel the friends I have made are genuine and friends I hope to keep in touch with in later life."
Simran, Age 16
"Since joining Stage 84 I have changed as a person, and for the better, I'd like to think. I have become more confident, and now I find it easier to make friends, as all my life I have never really been put in a completely different environment and that changed a couple of years ago when I started at Stage 84. Doing my first Trinity Guildhall examination was nerve wracking, but when I received a Distinction, I felt so proud of myself that I had achieved something. Stage 84 has given me so many opportunities, from doing festivals to being an extra on Waterloo Road. I'm really glad I joined."
Jonathan, Age 38
"My time at Stage 84 was one of the most exciting, memorable and valuable times in my life. I made life-long friends and still perform with them to this day. The skills children and young people can learn through Stage 84 form an invaluable part of a person's development. The skills I learned have enabled me to become an effective teacher - performance skills are applicable and relevant in so many different careers."
Olivia, Age 13
"I love Stage 84 because we get to do great shows and dances. There are brilliant teachers, festivals, summer schools and I really enjoy attending auditions. I recently filmed 'Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old?' for Sky, a 'Bold' TV advertisement and 'Shameless' for Channel 4. My favourite shows so far have been Oliver! and We Will Rock You. I have been coming to Stage 84 since I was 3 1/2, and I am still enjoying it now."
Matthew, Age 20
"For me Stage 84 hasn't just been a stage school that has taught me how to sing, dance and act. It's been my childhood. It's helped me grow up. It's influenced many decisions I've made and it's helped form me into the young man I am today. Of course, Stage 84 also introduced me to the big wide world of the profession and helped land me my first paid acting jobs which I'm entirely grateful for! I met some really inspiring people who taught me a lot about the business and made my passion for the craft even bigger! Stage 84 has given me determination and confidence in my ability as well as a very good looking CV!"
Patrick, Age 8
"I enjoy Stage 84 because I get to be on the stage. The show I have done this year was Beauty and the Beast. It was very exciting, especially the after show party! The next show we are doing is the Christmas Concert and I am looking forward to singing all the Christmas songs."
Shaunagh, Age 17
"I would like to thank you for the many opportunities I have had with Stage 84 including festivals, Music for Youth, shows at the Alhambra but most of all for the lead role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, it was the best experience I have ever had and loved every minute of the show. I have also really, really enjoyed my role as Student Teacher and loved teaching the Reds, Blues and Purples and thank you again for allowing me this opportunity to learn about teaching. My time at Stage 84 will live with me forever and I hope to build on what I have learned over the last three years."
Brooke, Age 9
(Written by parent) "Brooke has attended Stage 84 since the age of 3. She has taken part in Speech & Drama classes. - Our fondest memory of this was when Brooke was awarded 1st Place at the Blackpool Festival for her Memorised Prose entry. Brooke also attends Freestyle Dance classes, she has grown in confidence in dancing and recently was awarded Honours in her examination. Brooke attends Performing Arts classes. This has helped her to grow in confidence. She has taken part in various shows at the Alhambra and has made many many special friends at Stage 84. We are very proud of Brooke's achievements. She has filmed with Yorkshire Television recently (Just Henry) and also has been part of a film called 'The Arbour'. Our proudest moment was when Brooke was selected from over 400 children to play the part of an orphan in 'Annie' at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds. Brooke has developed skills she will keep for life. She enjoys every minute of her time spent at Stage 84. She is very well cared for by the staff and I am reassured when leaving her for rehearsals."
Boris, Age 7
(Written by parent) "Thank you so much for all the effort that went into the Beauty and the Beast production. It was professional beyond belief and I admire and applaud the commitment shown by the main cast. Truly outstanding. When I saw my own two kids on stage, I was in tears and absolutely couldn't help it! This will be a lifelong memory which will stay with us forever. Separately I would like to thank you for the patience and professionalism shown during regular weekly classes. Since Boris and Vika started at Stage 84 several months ago, several people have made comments about Boris's everyday behaviour, saying that he is now much more friendly, articulate and confident. He can now approach people he doesn't know well, and isn't afraid to sing, as before."
Sarah, Age 17
"I have been a student at Stage 84 for 13 years and I have participated in many shows. My favourite experience at Stage 84 was performing 'The Wizard of Oz' in Germany. It was an amazing feeling to perform in another country and it was an experience I shall never forget. For 'We Will Rock You' every night we got a standing ovation from the audience. I did Speech & Drama for 12 years and I was lucky enough to win many 1st, 2nd and 3rd places throughout Yorkshire in competitions. Speech & Drama gave me a lot of confidence in public speaking and I improved in my communication skills. One of my first memories at Stage 84 was performing solo in Mary Poppins, looking out at the audience and singing. - It reminds me why I love performing arts so much. Being a student at Stage 84 has been the best experience of my life. I have gained many skills over the years that I can use in my career. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in shows over the years at the Alhambra, Bingley Arts Centre and in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. These are experiences that I will never forget and that I am truly grateful for."


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