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Performing arts qualifications at Stage 84

Stage 84 fully recognises the importance of qualifications for young people as they progress beyond compulsory education into further / higher education and eventually to employment in the industry of their choice. We are proud to offer students in almost all of our classes the opportunity to gain qualifications within that discipline.

Stage 84 is an approved examination centre for three highly regarded boards; Trinity College London (formerly Guildhall School of Music and Drama / Trinity, merged), The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and The International Dance Teachers Association. This enables examiners to come in-house to the School and examine our students in an environment they are not only familiar with but have most often rehearsed and prepared in.
Trinity Guildhall, Guildford School of Acting and IDTA examinations are available at Stage 84

The examinations we offer across our classes have many benefits including the following;
Development of communication skills, increasing personal confidence, building of performance skills,
refining organisational skills, stimulating enjoyment in the subject, developing subject knowledge, increasing technical ability, increasing standards of performance, developing an awareness of styles and genres, and of course encouraging creativity.

Examination entries are not compulsory for all classes at Stage 84 but we actively encourage entry where possible as the benefits felt in later life by students are considerable. Whatever your interest in performing arts, we offer something for just about everyone! There are several examination periods throughout the year so examinations can be carefully planned with other commitments or school work in mind. Additionally, some students are able to progress through more than one examination per year should they choose to do so.

Students may enter for examination in the following syllabuses with Stage 84;
Speech & Drama  |  Performing Text  |  Individual Acting Skills
Communication Skills  |  Performance Arts
Group Drama - Devised  |  Group Drama - Scripts
Acting in Pairs  |  Musical Theatre Singing
Musical Theatre in Production |  Freestyle Dance

We hold a 100% pass rate as an institution in entering students for examinations and maintain high levels of achievement. We have been twice recognised at a national level by Trinity College London for our students gaining exceptional results, the highest nationally in their respective disciplines in two separate years. - In 2006 a Grade 6 group examination received a result of 96% for Group Drama, in 2008 a Grade 5 individual examination in Communication Skills received a mark of 98% with Stage 84. Since then, 2 further Stage 84 students secured results of 100% in their individual performance examinations in 2017. In our 2011 IDTA Dance examinations, 97% of Stage 84 entrants received the top mark of 'Honours'. In addition, one student was awarded a prestigious Scholarship Recommendation by the IDTA examiner.

In 2011 Stage 84 entered it's entire performer and production company of Beauty and the Beast for assessment by Trinity under the Musical Theatre in Production syllabus. The company were awarded an exceptional result of 100%, achieving full marks in each of the five assessment categories. Extracts from the examiner's report;

"Here team work was at the highest level. Every person was in the moment - disciplined, audible, energetic and committed.
From the moment the huge cast assembled for the opening chorus, the audience knew they were in for a treat.
The direction was swift and sure. The whole stage was used effectively, the story was clear and involving.
The settings in this production were a delight, the costumes would have been the envy of a Broadway producer.
The technical side of the show was flawless, starting with the delightful video which gave background to the story.
The striking lighting effects were achieved with precision and the sound was splendidly controlled.
The scene changes were smooth and swift and the musical direction was brilliantly handled.
The huge chorus numbers deserve special praise, handled throughout with panache.
This was a superb show by any standards and deserves the highest mark that Trinity can award."

In 2012 Stage 84 once again entered the entire company for assessment of our production of Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure.
We achieved a result of 98%. Examiner comments include;

"From the opening number through to the finale, the ensemble did not falter. The ensemble singing was excellent,
as was the extremely disciplined approach to the choreography, which was delivered with verve and flair,
demonstrating first rate technique and skill. Musically, the technical skills of the performers were exceptional, with
expressive, dramatic delivery of the songs, with well supported voices and an understanding of the songs narrative line.
Direction - this was fluent and unobtrusive, utilising the space very effectively, demonstrating imagination and sensitivity
to the narrative. The musical numbers were very well integrated, allowing the performers to move easily between
speech, song and dance. An excellent effective set design, wholly appropriate for the production, enabling scene changes
to be achieved swiftly. Very good use of colour combinations, star cloth and gauze. This was matched with excellent
costumes for every cast member, with a very good sense of period detail. All props were well detailed and the programme
was exceptional, easily at professional standards - beautifully and carefully produced.
Peter Pan makes exceptional technical demands and the team rose to the challenge. -Tinkerbell effectively created,
projections well used, lighting design imaginative and flying seqeunces exceptionally well delivered.
This was a production of exceptionally high standard, filling such a demanding theatre space with energy & commitment."

Advanced level Trinity College London Drama and Speech qualifications (Grades 6-8) are formally recognised within the UCAS Tariff for entry to UK higher education, effective from 2008. Points range from a minimum of 8 points awarded for a 'Pass' at Grade 6 all the way up to 30 points for a 'Distinction' at Grade 8. Students benefit from this accreditation in two ways; firstly the numeric value of additional UCAS points students will receive which the majority of their peers will often not have, and secondly as evidence of self-enrichment and extra-curricular activity the individual has undertaken over others applying competitively for the same place.

Examinations at Stage 84 nurture the skills of the individual while recording that progress with recognised certificates and assessment reports. If you are interested in joining classes at Stage 84, navigate to our Tuition page for further information.



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